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  • Magnetic Structure Determination from Neutron Diffraction Data (MagStr)

    3 - 7 October 2022

    Oak Ridge, United States of America

    Magnetic Structure Determination from Neutron Diffraction Data (MagStr) The school will provide hands-on training and lectures on how to determine magnetic structures from powder and single-crystal neutron data. The techniques and theory of representational analysis and magnetic space groups will be introduced by leading experts and demonstrated in a series of hands-on examples. The format will follow past workshops. But this year it is back to in-person student attendance! Lectures and hands-on tutorial sessions will cover: 1. Symmetry analysis using representation theory and the SARAh program and ISOTROPY Suite 2. Magnetic space groups using the Bilbao Crystallographic Server 3. Refinement strategies using the FullProf Suite, GSAS-II and Jana 4. Magnetic structure determination from powder and single-crystal data The school is intended for graduate students, postdocs, and research scientists who have a working knowledge of crystallographic refinement and will benefit from incorporating the techniques of magnetic structure determination from neutron diffraction into their research. 2022-10-03 09:00:00 UTC 2022-10-07 17:00:00 UTC Third Street, Oak Ridge, United States of America Third Street Oak Ridge Roane County United States of America neutron diffraction Oak Ridge National Laboratory Stuart Calder ( Ovidiu Garlea ( Huibo Cao ( Clarina dela Cruz ( [] graduate studentspostdocsresearch scientists workshops_and_courses [] neutronORNL
  • 5th LEAPS Plenary Meeting

    26 - 29 October 2022

    Würenlingen, Switzerland

    5th LEAPS Plenary Meeting Save the Date for the 2022 LEAPS Plenary Meeting to be held at the Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland. Additional information will be given as the event date approaches. 2022-10-26 09:00:00 UTC 2022-10-29 00:00:00 UTC 111, Forschungsstrasse, Würenlingen, Switzerland 111, Forschungsstrasse Würenlingen Bezirk Baden Switzerland 5232 [] [] [] meetings_and_conferences [] LEAPS

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