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  • LEAPS-INNOV Workflow Co-Working Sprint

    10 February 2023

    LEAPS-INNOV Workflow Co-Working Sprint In LEAPS-Innov WP7, we are working on novel compression schemes for data recorded at synchrotron light sources. In the process, we discovered a lot of genuine ways to reconstruct and record data. Unfortunately, many of these workflows were never shared or archived in a way that has reproducibility in mind. With this co-working sprint, we would like to change that! The goal of this co-working sprint is to pair scientists/engineers with people experienced in using a workflow engine that fosters reproducibility. They then work together (remotely) over the course of 6 weeks to facilitate an automated workflow (e.g. that is fit for HPC execution). The final goal is to publish this workflow on platforms like WorkflowHub so that the community can reuse these workflows. This event marks the kick-off of our co-working sprint. 2023-02-10 10:00:00 UTC 2023-02-10 21:00:00 UTC Peter Steinbach, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf LEAPS [] any member of a LEAPS center meetings_and_conferences registration_of_interest reproducibilityworkflowsHPCdata sciencecompressionmachine learning

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