Common search API definition

One of the main objectives of PaNOSC is to open up the large repositories of experimental data collected from measurements and experiments at photon and neutron European Research Infrastructures (RIs) to the scientific communities at large under the FAIR principles. Due to the large number and volume of the dataset, being able to identify what data is and is not relevant before processing or transferring them is a strong requirement.
To this end, the PaNOSC facilities have deployed data catalogues that store metadata and support domain specific searches.
In order to get relevant information about the datasets held to the user communities, the project aims to deploy two different mechanisms. One is to open a service for harvesting metadata on all open data to the EOSC aggregating repositories, namely OpenAIRE and B2Find. Alternatively, the common search API will provide a uniform way via a web portal or computer program to interrogate all data catalogues with specific searches in order to find data of interest by an individual.

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Target audience: PaN Community, ExPaNDS and PaNOSC project members, engineers, research data engineer, data managers, data curator

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Authors: Tobias Richter
Contributors: Gareth Murphy, Fredrik Bolmsten, Lajos Schrettner, Stuart Caunt, Jamie Hall, William Turner, Sandor Brockhauser, Henrik Johansson, Alejandro de Maria Antolinos, Emiliano Coghetto, Alessandro Olivo, Silvia da Graca Ramos, Alun Ashton, Andy Götz, Jordi Bodera Sempere
Common search API definition This document summarises the development of a common search API achieved in the PaNOSC Work Package 3. It explains the rationale behind the development and many of the decisions made as well as the general process that was followed. PaNOSC, expands, SciCat, ICAT, wp3-ExPaNDS PaN Community ExPaNDS and PaNOSC project members engineers research data engineer data managers data curator