DAPHNE4NFDI: Science driven data management solutions for the user community

The data volumes and data rates generated by state-of-the-art high frame rate multi-megapixel detectors demand new approaches to how users manage their experimental data. There is a desperate need for user-oriented tools to help users manage their large datasets, from data collection through to analysis, publication and long-term archiving. Meanwhile, the trend to request data associated with publications be made openly available and repeatable the development of user-focused tools to facilitate and simplify this process. This satellite engages with users to determine the data management tools needed to improve their research data management workflows. It forms a part of the Daphne4NFDI project, an initiative funded as a part of the German NFDI program to develop infrastructures to serve the future data management needs of the photon and neutron science community.

Keywords: ICAT, SciCat, PaNOSC, expands, wp3-ExPaNDS

Resource type: slides

Target audience: PaN Community, ExPaNDS and PaNOSC project members, PaN users, data curator, data managers, research data engineer, engineers

Difficulty level: Easy

Language: English

Contributors: Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran , Carlo Minotti
DAPHNE4NFDI: Science driven data management solutions for the user community https://pan-training.eu/materials/daphne4nfdi-science-driven-data-management-solutions-for-the-user-community Slides (and other resources) of the presentations done at this workshop, including a presentation of ICAT and SciCat. ICAT, SciCat, PaNOSC, expands, wp3-ExPaNDS PaN Community ExPaNDS and PaNOSC project members PaN users data curator data managers research data engineer engineers