JupyLabBook is an interactive lab book to be used on SIRIUS. It is meant to be as close as possible as the paper-like lab book that you would use on the beamline (except for the ruler and the tape).
The user can easily plot raw data, do data reduction, and write sample description without typing a single line of code. A PDF with a linear presentation of the notebook can be generated at any time of the experiment.
Expert users can define their own functions to perform more involved data analysis or customed presentation of the data, if needed.

Keywords: labbook, jupyter notebook, SIRIUS beamline

Resource type: git, jupyter notebook

Language: English

Licence: MIT License

Authors: Arnaud Hemmerle
External resources:
JupyLabBook https://pan-training.eu/materials/jupylabbook A Jupyter Notebook used as an interactive lab book on the beamline SIRIUS (SOLEIL Synchrotron). labbook, jupyter notebook, SIRIUS beamline