Metadata Catalogue Release

Architecture and development of a reference implementation of a data catalogue consisting of several components, in particular providing a database where to store metadata, some predefined reference metadata, a rest API access layer to the database, a GUI for this access layer and the panosc-search-API, all at their latest version. Crucially, each component is supported by a community maintenance process to allow a managed and agreed approach to modification and extensions in future development

Keywords: ICAT, SciCat, PaNOSC, data catalogue, expands, wp3-ExPaNDS

Resource type: docker, docker-compose, software, git

Target audience: PaN Community, ExPaNDS and PaNOSC project members, engineers, research data engineer

Difficulty level: Easy

Language: English

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5205909

Authors: Carlo Minotti, Silvia da Graça Ramos, Alun Ashton, Stefan Egli, Fredrik Bolmsten, Henrik Johansson, Massimiliano Novelli, Alejandra González Beltrán, Stuart Pullinger
Metadata Catalogue Release Self-contained, stand-alone metadata catalogue release that facilities can download to test/try and play with. ICAT, SciCat, PaNOSC, data catalogue, expands, wp3-ExPaNDS PaN Community ExPaNDS and PaNOSC project members engineers research data engineer