Offline data analysis tutorial

A Jupyter notebook serving as tutorial to explain concepts of file-based ("offline") data analysis with the Python packages/libraries EXtra-data, EXtra-geom, pyFAI and pasha. Scientifically this covers photon diagnostics at the MID instrument as well as azimuthal integration of small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) data acquired at the MID instrument with the the AGIPD1M 2D pixel detector. The resource is provided at the linked page in form of a normal/interactive notebook (JSON .ipynb) as well as PDF variant.

Scientific topics: small angle x-ray scattering

Keywords: Extra-data, Extra-geom, pyFAI, data analysis

Resource type: jupyter notebook

Target audience: PaN users, beamline users, research data scientist

Difficulty level: Medium

Language: English

Authors: Thomas Kluyver
Offline data analysis tutorial Tutorial on European XFEL offline data analysis as per example of MID instrument data small angle x-ray scattering Extra-data, Extra-geom, pyFAI, data analysis PaN users beamline users research data scientist