The FAIR Experiment

This second online workshop in a series of two aimed at instrument scientists and other facility staff explores the FAIR experiment.
- What are the implications of FAIR for data management before, during, and after the experiment?
- When, where and how during the lifecycle of an experiment do we collect the metadata we need to document data and make them FAIR?
- What is active data management planning?
- How does it benefit both facilities and users and how does it help to make data FAIR?

Video content and timing:
- Welcome and workshop agenda - 01:30
- How FAIR impacts data management policies – what’s changed? - 09:50
- Experimental lifecycle and how this relates to FAIR data - 26:40
- Active data management planning – what this means for the facility and the user - 59:15
- Q&A session - 1:18:20
- Workshop wrap up and close - 1:28:00

Keywords: FAIR, research data, data management, metadata, wp2-ExPaNDS

Resource type: video

Target audience: facility staff, instrument scientist

Difficulty level: Easy

Language: English

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

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