Full-field Tomography at PSI

This workflow has some details on the instrument the data is produced from (TOMCAT beamline) and the infrastructure PSI has concerning their data.
If you are more interested in the science and want to reproduce the data and not bother with the surrounding details/context, please refer to the Pulmonary arterial hypertension research workflow.

Full-field Tomography at PSI

Tomography datasets often present large volumes (100 GBs - few TBs) difficult to compress and transfer. The tomographic reconstruction is highly demanding on compute (GPU) and storage resources for the intermediate and/or final result. In addition, the optional image segmentation step may be demanding on computer memory.

The offline analysis (after experiment) could be performed remotely by users at home making it attractive for deployment as a cloud-like use case. Finally, this technique is applied at many facilities and in different scientific domains - therefore a portable result is more useful.

This entire process is illustrated with a typical experiment.

To find more ressources on Tomography please check out the data portal

Keywords: synchrotron, imaging, Jupyter notebooks, Python, Pulmonary arterial hypertension

Target audience: research data scientist, life scientists

Difficulty level: Medium