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  • Kinetic SAXS, 2D Scanning SAXS (work in progress)

    Cartography or kinetic experiments can generate up to 3 TB per day of raw data saved at the measurement facility. Such large datasets are impractical for users to take home. Subsequent analysis needs to be performed remotely on a performant platform, making it attractive for deployment as a...

  • Laser Image Visualization Training

    This training provides an introduction for the acceleration of intense ion pulses on a few micrometers to 10 MeV energies is possible when light pulses from a short-pulse laser are focused on thin solid-state targets. In the interaction, the laser energy is primarily transferred to relativistic...

  • Learning path: Metadata catalogue services including PaN ontologies

    Three different workshops were held linking metadata catalogues, OAI-PMH, the PaNET ontology, the pan ontologies API.

  • Pulmonary arterial hypertension research

    This training workflow shows the combination of the demonstrations from the ExPaNDS mid-term review.

    The workflow consist of three steps:

    • Basic material to introduce the problem,
    • The associated dataset with the related scientific publication and
    • Source code and reference to the...

  • TELBE Data Analysis

    The radiation source ELBE (Electron Linac for beams with high Brilliance and low Emittance) at the Helmholtz Centre Dresden Rossendorf (HZDR) can produce several kinds of secondary radiations. THz radiation is one of them and can be used with a typical pulse frequency of 100 kHz...

  • Workflow for Adding Training Material

    The workflow describes how content can be added to our ExPaNDS/PaNOSC Training Catalogue.