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Latest Content in our training portal for the photon & neutron community

8-12 July 2024, WavemiX 2024 workshop - COST Action NEXT Annual Meeting, Madrid, Spain

An international network for Non-linear Extreme Ultraviolet to hard X-ray techniques (NEXT)

Added to the catalogue 4 days ago
3-7 June 2024, QUADMARTS (QUAntitative Detection of Molecular And Radical Trace Species) Summer School, Saint Florent, Corsica, France

Added to the catalogue 4 days ago
Video introduction to data management plans for PaN users

Video guide illustrating the essential steps of creating a data management plan for an experiment.

Keywords: data management, DMP

Added to the catalogue 137 days ago
KFN Neutron Webinar

Lectures of the KFN Neutron Webinar, which are held monthly since April 2023. We thank all the speakers who have agreed to have their presentation shared in this collection, curated by Thomas Gutberlet and Karin Griewatsch.

Keywords: neutron, spallation, European Spallation Source, energy technology, COVID, inhibitors, quantum topology, neutrinos, High Brilliance Neutron Source, HBS, HiCANS, neutron source, ISIS,

Added to the catalogue 217 days ago